Comments about his work

Ary Brizzi

“While most of his works are based on grids from a mathematical or arithmetic progression, what stands out most about them is how they overcome these principles, offering the viewer a spatial projection activated by colour, and endless visual possibilities; hence the expressive richness present in his work”.... Ary Brizzi, 1991


Fermín Fevre

"... His work as a painter shows a great unity. This is because, in my view, it was centred in  search rather than in a result. In other words, it was a path on which he rested his way of doing things. Few artists can enter so fully into that category of creators. Carlos participated in the benefits and risks of placing his work from the stark clarity of search. How to define the search as central and decisive? I believe I am not mistaken if I put this research in an attempt to systematize experiences through painting, trying to combine reason, intuition, inner and outer reality, through a visual language purely perceptual ...” Fermin Fevre 199l


Romualdo Brugheti

“... Together with a poet painter, beyond using mechanical elements or pastel pencils or brush, he knows how to combine the qualities of music in pictorial metaphors of poetry with subtle underlying luminous atmospheres of chromatic modulations for joy of the beholder. This is how Carlos Silva rises from the visual to the sensible, from the theorem to the poem in the concretion of plastic language...” Romualdo Brugheti


casrlos espartaco

“Undoubtedly the mainstream work of Silva seeks its exit through the two-dimensional space, or rather, plays with the opening of the third dimension as pictorial space.
That closed and open space over a coincident time, evidences the real and illusory of his most recent creation and also the duality of subject or theme or memory in the painting thematic...”Carlos Espartaco,1977.