Artist Words


“… My painting experiences were directed to accomplish a systematization of some plastic phenomenon that appeared successively as typical reactions of a training, based not only in formal elements of the painting, but also exploiting the integrity possibilities of the human being. In other words, a conjunction of: intelligence; intuition; feelings; and its internal and external reality.This interrelates with the social reality that the artist lives, and adds an extra responsibility, because there are a lot of emerging aspects to apply from a spiritual and material life to the art work.The different techniques to apply in this scheme take me to choose or create the proper basic idea, and at the same time to pay less attention to quality and more to the shape’s details, and to the resulting colour...”

“I greatly enjoyed the making of these paintings, even though it was an arduous work, I put sixteen tiny stains in different colors and I was utterly surprised when I once discovered that one of my works was composed by two million little dots…”

“I became aware of vitality, which is the most important ingredient. Without substance the art work is dead, lack of life and continuity in time...”